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Token ID: La6PhDSHpK2hs9Z4zQdHfcPev6tbveoFXo9C5q
Issuer: Memphis Misraim
Total Token Supply: 387420489000000
Description: Silver Milligram
Issuance Address: NayuSwqvue3Yennd6zbEqJ2WYShS5J9b6i
Issuance Txid: 48caf82e4133d8d9cd2d6cd940f68f5ccbfdb9d89805202b1cb4073d5062e0d6
Metadata of Issuance:
      - What is the AG token?: The token resembles 1 milligram of fine physical Silver. The tokens in existence have no real value. They must be validated by depositing fine Silver. This is a perfect way to use Silver as a payment system.
      - How to Validate coins?: Deposit Silver in one of our Vaults and Tokens will be sent to you. People can return silver in Coins or in Bars. 1 ounce of Silver is exchanged by 31103 Tokens. Jewelry will only be accepted when there is a substantial amount of pure silver in it. It will be however be discounted based on the quality of the jewelry. Non pure silver will not be accepted.
Issuance Block Height: 1149732
Locked: (No more tokens can be issued) true
Divisibility: 7
Aggregation Policy: aggregatable
Number of Transactions: 2

AG Metadata Transactions
TxidMetadata Size (RAW/Compressed)Timestamp
0eea2f295bd68e0fa1c9daf694e062cfc7453633da1c92bfe7441c3282967a550.15 kB / 0.13 kB7th Aug 2019 21:42:45
48caf82e4133d8d9cd2d6cd940f68f5ccbfdb9d89805202b1cb4073d5062e0d60.92 kB / 0.53 kB7th Aug 2019 21:32:18