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Token ID: La6n4dmHZ4jaLLvkYfmKt1QRjPzM83pe37mX4B
Issuer: Nayiem Willems
Total Token Supply: 300
Description: Qredit Founders
Issuance Address: NaMk49sEa6z5jUQVVtkjsraSV7HtsRvR1D
Issuance Txid: 562fa9ba6c0388cc396e9e3c792ed7d03d62e2ea1dc9fa7d480b1620bd62fe55
Metadata of Issuance: none
Issuance Block Height: 159338
Locked: (No more tokens can be issued) true
Divisibility: 7
Aggregation Policy: aggregatable
Number of Transactions: 389

QRTF Metadata Transactions
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