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Token ID: La7wt25RZvdfhb8JEiqrjwrHWU3yLyS992Keks
Issuer: Global Pathways
Total Token Supply: 1000000000000000
Description: Pathways coin
Issuance Address: NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP
Issuance Txid: 5f327233ebc7a7ecfdb52f38c71245c5b541ae3a9f9ff504b5448d738b7ba04f
Metadata of Issuance:
      - 1) Validity of this token #### READ THIS FIRST!! WARNING, FAILURE IN COMPLYING WITH THE METADATA IN A TRANSACTION INVALIDATES THE TOKENS SENT!! NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE POSSIBLE IN CASE OF A MISTAKE!!######: Only valid when initial Token defining payment has been sent from address: NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP Its value has been defined in the metadata of the initial payment. Once it's sent from this address, its exact value in the payment has been defined by the metadata. Address of the receiving party must also be written in de metadata. Please do always make a copy of the transaction ID of this initial defining payment as this functions as the basis for the corporate value of this token. The initial defining validation payment code has to be included in the metadata at all times. In failure to do so, the tokens lose their validity.
      - 2) How this Token functions: Initial value is being given by the initial defining payment from address: NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP In this initial transaction is defined the following: 1) Value 2) Purpose of the token 3) Token definition code 4) Amount in circulation 5) Initial receiving address 6) Type of Payment, defining / non defining
      - 3) some example values of transactions: - standard smart contract 10000 Tokens. The exact terms and clauses have to be stipulated in the contract. Signing is being done by sending the transaction and by writing the address it's coming from. - Important smart contract: value of the contract is in a certain currency or cryptocoin. The currency symbol has to be written at all times. Fiat currency symbols should be from Cryptocurrency symbols from A contract transaction should not be less than 10000. To the upside is no hard limit, The amount of tokens it takes for a contract shows the importance of it. - Salaries for staff, payments inside the corporation has all to be defined in the transaction. Important is to define the value of each token in the currency code. - The possibilities are infinite. As long as everything is correctly defined all is good.
      - 4) Standard Initial defining payment example: Value: Value of the tokens needs to be defined. The value has to be in a Currency code stipulated in or a Crypto currency on The token can have a fixed value or a variable value. In Most situations a variable value is advised. Optional is to show the value of each token, this is however not obligatory. Purpose of the Token: What is this token made for. Token definition Code: This is a unique code that needs to be at least 12 characters. The issuer is free to choose any code. Once this code has been generated, it can no longer be changed. Amount in circulation: How many tokens are in circulation in this particular system. Initial receiving address: This is the address where the first defining transaction went to. The sending address of a defining payment must always be NQ5xt13Xbc2B54eJ9ctQYGd8wumgqxPmcP. Only under certain circumstances the defining sending address can be changed. This can always be verified when looking on the pathways token website or Blog. If a defining payment does not have the right sending address the tokens are invalid and worthless. In this case they are best to be sent back to the initial address. Type of payment: defining / non defining. Only initial payments are defining. When tokens are defined and sent on the blockchain. This parameters must at all times be non defining.
      - 5) Copyright. Global Pathways Foundation Chamber of Commerce Nr 22065744 in the Netherlands: The Token has been issued by the global Pathways foundation, powered by the Neblio Blockchain.
Issuance Block Height: 904103
Locked: (No more tokens can be issued) true
Divisibility: 7
Aggregation Policy: aggregatable
Number of Transactions: 25

PATH Metadata Transactions
TxidMetadata Size (RAW/Compressed)Timestamp
9748d4dd9b3aac2f6d1ab631dc5693e13c639317ef59ef0bcc203963692805991.08 kB / 0.56 kB16th Jan 2021 13:37:46
127356e4ca84665b1847d1858679d4f0dc0b6c11cfe6995e95704c9aaa29b6c40.09 kB / 0.09 kB4th Aug 2020 20:05:08
e2e4c321e2bad4938c8ae361789e3a8fc6f419e5acce2c4504cb1f9c1a483ab10.61 kB / 0.38 kB24th Apr 2020 20:23:36
ace2259e4082024a0e46cf4d837b94aee7f5f687d5efaa0c6f896e22d7338de11.34 kB / 0.29 kB24th Apr 2020 20:16:58
1df4e17f779e732e11f2f582fb1da3f171f9c7a81d0719abdeeda13ecc837a170.19 kB / 0.16 kB20th Apr 2020 13:49:09
3a385e38233b4b50455d1ee5894b2c75bc58ad7b1c6dc62c1115283fc0af75cc0.16 kB / 0.13 kB5th Nov 2019 18:44:20
63a0a9a6bac3bc96d5482a3c0254700e5046e7484e80307dbb2adc08c67824350.11 kB / 0.11 kB10th Oct 2019 19:44:48
06ddc609d59aef41600045bcf75bfdfa8bf63df6662b08cf0c2ccbd5533067980.30 kB / 0.22 kB20th Jul 2019 12:13:30
f29f050ace0a875176c8c1cc010aa693fa4c6d6b039a0f35076cf3021330a6750.32 kB / 0.21 kB29th May 2019 19:54:50
65789f94a55382a581baccd9e11102bbe53db5a8a59c0e2a58c7aefb11ba71bc0.41 kB / 0.27 kB26th May 2019 19:19:13
922968a08070d51906270dbf635bd72d185f3339ade9c031b2170f7ac588c4910.68 kB / 0.40 kB26th May 2019 18:14:10
8c18a24f43dcfa4fb33df13a2c3513264fba905ed0d6fafe7e01d8b02ad2f0ae0.51 kB / 0.34 kB21st May 2019 10:44:47
72f1f24668b610fd0aab07c75b307ca7b3ed3aa1a270064f617059741a7c2ff00.82 kB / 0.48 kB20th May 2019 21:55:32
5f327233ebc7a7ecfdb52f38c71245c5b541ae3a9f9ff504b5448d738b7ba04f4.01 kB / 1.72 kB20th May 2019 21:32:09