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Proposal by the Neblio Core Dev Team to release Neblio 2.0: a multipurpose hard fork of Neblio to upgrade it, featuring a new staking rewarding system, burn system of transaction fees, and a new economic model including a redenomination plan.
Start Block: 4365451
End Block: 4385611
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This proposal is for the creation of NeblioX, a next-generation Neblio node and wallet based on the latest Bitcoin Core. If successful, NeblioX would allow Segwit, Lightning, Taproot and more features of Bitcoin Core to allow development of advanced Decentralized Exchanges (DeX's), instant P2P trading, along with new Real-time Apps, to be built on top of Neblio, such as messaging apps, instant tipping, streaming funds and/or assets, and more.
Start Block: 3647300
End Block: 3733700
Votes Yea: 24307 (28.1%)
Votes Nay: 0 (0.0%)
Abstained: 62094 (71.9%)
This proposal is to split the cold staking rewards between the staker and owner. 20% will go to the staking address that is actively doing the staking (such as a cold staking service). 80% will go to the owner address that owns the NEBL being that is being staked (the address the delegated the NEBL). Currently, before this proposal, 100% of the cold staking rewards go to the owner address.
Start Block: 3887750
End Block: 3972455
Votes Yea: 6842 (8.1%)
Votes Nay: 1841 (2.2%)
Abstained: 76023 (89.7%)
This proposal is to support the development of a ERC20 bridge for Neblio.
Start Block: 4320000
End Block: 4348800
Votes Yea: 6800 (23.6%)
Votes Nay: 0 (0.0%)
Abstained: 22001 (76.4%)